We support your business with our expertise

We do not only provide consultancy and advice, but also services in interim management, tailor-made business software development and training programs.


Early Contractor Involvement

Vuentica develops and champion policies that foster Early Contractor Involvement.

Overall, through our experience with coordinating other specialised service providers in the field of Early Contractor Involvement, FEED or tender phases, we can offer clients the support that is needed for obtaining value out of collaborative approaches between public/private developers & contractors.

Risk management

Vuentica offers a full range of specialist consultancy and interim management services to public and private sector clients for risk management, from reviewing specific aspects of a development approach to the implementation of a fully integrated management plan. Vuentica is specialized in tailoring the risk management system to the company culture and key stakeholders involved.

An important element in our approach is the use of project risk management systems as a basis for an overall ERM system through big data analytics and business intelligence software, while keeping the system easy to use.

Dispute & claim resolution

Vuentica provides support to prevent and resolve disputes related to construction projects. We provides services to project teams such as setting up the linkage between risk management and contract management, defining and implementing data and communication strategy.

In the event of claims, Vuentica can provide a range of services for claim teams such as fact finding missions and interim management.


V-Rooms provides solutions for complex construction projects by building digital rooms that are dedicated, collaborative and immersive.

With V-Rooms we connect international teams and experts in a world where hybrid work is becoming the norm, allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint while saving time and money.

Business process optimization

Not only do we perform rigorous audits of our clients' business processes, we also help to train and equip them with the knowledge needed to conduct their own audits, including building complete audit systems for them.

We develop comprehensive business process maps for our clients to help senior managers understand how the processes function and where they overlap across the organization.

Audit & assurance on controls

Other services offered by Vuentica are internal audits and due diligence studies in the field of infrastructure construction projects. Vuentica has developed a structured approach for project auditing.

Our methodology follows a phased approach which is customised to meet specific business needs of our clients, providing greater transparency across all levels of management. Our approach incorporates a risk-centric focus, while also identifying the effective and efficient methods for identifying scope, testing controls and executing the tasks and activities associated with project controls and earned value management.