Early Contractor Involvement

Early contractor involvement

What is Early Contractor Involvement?

The consequences of budgetary constraints and the increasingly complex nature of infrastructure works affect both preparatory and procurement processes for large or complex infrastructure projects. Early Contractor Involvement can therefore be very valuable in such cases.

ECI is a procurement strategy initiated by infrastructure owners towards contractors, key supply chain members and stakeholders with the purpose of optimizing values in project delivery and objectives through their participation and knowledge-sharing in stages of project planning and design prior to execution contract award.

Our vision

To broaden the way infrastructure works are developed by combining public/private investor's requirements and contractor experience.

How can we add value to your ECI

& collaborative contracting?

Our services


& Feasibility

ECI feasibility scan

ECI contract review

Training for infrastructure purchases

Soft skills

Trust & Relationship building

Pack PSU-PFU: Project Start-Up & Project Follow-Ups

Collaboration assessment

Training: relational contracting — leading by example


& Governance

Scheduling of an ECI phase

Audit on ECI effectiveness

Training: how to organize ECI teams effectively

A closer look on our services

ECI feasibility scan

Preparation & Feasibility

ECI feasibility scan

Self-assessment questionnaire

Interview with key personnel involved

Mapping of the ECI project specifications, objectives & challenges

ECI feasibility report

ECI contract review

Preparation & Feasibility

ECI feasibility scan

A screening of an ECI contract to identiy loose ends and advice on improvements that are beneficial for the functioning of the ECI project.

  • A report highlighting the key issues
  • An overview of suggested changes that can be used as conditions or qualifications
  • 1 online session

Training for infrastructure purchasers

Preparation & Feasibility

Training for infrastructure purchasers

1 full-day course on-premise especially suitable when starting up an Early Contractor Involvement (max. 10 attendees), containing subjects such as:

  • ECI models: competitive or non-competitive
  • How to avoid client capture
  • Contractor(s) selection
  • Soft skills
  • IP & liabilities

Project Start-Up package

Soft skills, Trust & Relationship Building

Project Start-Up package

Project Start-Ups and Follow-Ups are meetings that focus on the collaboration.

The Project Start-Up introduces the project to the ECI team and addresses the ambitions, practical expectations and visions of collaboration.

The outcome of the PSU is evaluated and updated in Project Follow-Ups.

The package includes 1 PSU and 3 PFU's: preparation, steering & reporting.

Audit on ECI effectiveness

Management & Governance

Audit on ECI effectiveness

The collaboration might encounter difficulties. An audit is a means to provide project assurance and uncover the root cause of problems, a way to improve the organization and procedures.

This includes: review of ECI protocols (execution plan, communication plan, etc.), reporting on ECI objectives and overall progress, interviews with ECI team, attendance of selected project meetings, audit report with findings and recommendations for corrective actions and a feedback session.

Scheduling an ECI phase

Management & Governance

Training: how to organize ECI teams

A 2-day course on-premise (max. 10 attendees) containing practical aspects and good industry practices on subjects such as:

  • How to select ECI team members
  • Governance of an ECI project
  • Transparency & knowledge sharing
  • Scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Changes & disputes

Vuentica, founder of ECI Institute 

ECI Institute is the leading network of Early Contractor Involvement professionals: managers, consultants, trainers and researchers, all sharing one goal –improve the collaboration & nurture innovation in the early stages of large infrastructure projects by sharing and advancing ECI practices.  

ECI Institute aims to serve as a quality label. It encourages its members to establish common standards and a high level of conduct by all parties involved in ECI projects. In this context, it assists in the implementation of sound tendering practices and the use of standard contract conditions for the industry.